The Eighth International Contest of young performers (under 20)
of classical music among the countries of the Islamic World.

Baku. April 08-11, 2019. (Arrival 08 April, departure 12 April), We invite young talents to participate in the Eighth International Contest of young performers (under 20 ) of classical music among the countries of the Islamic World.

I. Goals and objectives of the contest:

  1. Finding out young talents.
  2. Exchange of international experience and ideas.
  3. Identifying ways of creativity.
  4. To create a comprehensive idea about the Azerbaijani culture and art in youth and adults from foreign countries.
  5. Improvement of young talents’ level in music sphere in the framework of East - West Dialogue.

II.The founder and organizer of the contest:

"Kainat" Youth Center.
  1. - The Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  2. - The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  3. - ISESCO ( Islamic Scientific Educational and Cultural Organization)
  4. - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  5. - Baku Music Academy named after Uz. Hajibeily
  6. - Information support—Azerbaijan State Television (AzTV)
Chairman of the Organizing Committee – Director of "Kainat"
Youth Center Mr. Rahib Rasulzadeh

III. Date and venue:

Date: Baku, April 08-11, 2019. (The participants must be in Baku in the 8th of April, 2019) Venue: Baku Music Academy named after Uz. Hajibeily The Organizing Committee is created by the founder to organize and hold the Contest. Organizing Committee starts its work on February 15, 2019. Participants are expected to attend the contest 1 day before the starting date. The process can be discussed on an individual basis who wants to participate in the contest individually.

IV. İştirakçılardan tələb olunanlar:

Young instrumental musicians under the age 20 can participate in the contest. Each performer whose application has been accepted can participate in the listening only in the appointed date and time. Program which will be performed in the contest must be send together with documents. The plays must be relevant to the program of the contest, otherwise participant will not be allowed to participate in the contest.

Age groups:
  1. Junior Group – up to 15 age
  2. Senior group – from 16 to 20 age

The time limit of the music for junior group is about 15 minutes, and 20 minutes is recommended for senior group. Participants must follow the regulations definitely. Polyphonic works, classical world music and works of Azerbaijani composers. Performers of junior group who play stringed and winds instruments should add works of the Azerbaijani composers to their repertoire besides 2 music samples of different nature.

Note for participants:

Participants of the contest have to perform only with their own musical instruments. Participants are free to choose music pieces. If necessary, the organizing committee is ready to offer notes of the Azerbaijani composers. Participants should perform only the play ordered in the application. Any change of the program can take place with the agreement of all the members of the jury. The participants should present any change to their performances by the consent of all the members of international jury. The usage of phonogram is not allowed. (

  • - For the youngest participant;
  • - For artistic skill;
  • - For the perspective of talent and creativity;
  • - Having birthday on the eve of the contest, and so on.
The organizing committee can only cover the hotel and meal expenses. Transport expenses should be paid by the sender party.

The photo-image, identity card or copy of birth certificate must be presented to the Organizing Committee. These documents are acceptable in any form (fax, email, mail) to the organizing committee by March 28, 2019.

ADDRESS: AZ1095. 31/18, Khagani Str.
Baku city, Azerbaijan Republic.
Phone: +99412 493 03 81, +99412 493 76 59 .
Fax: +99412 493 95 94

Organization of an extensive cultural program has been established in the framework of the contest.
NOTE: The information on possible changes or amendments will be given to participant 15 days before the beginning of the contest.

Affiliate application: download link

"Organizing Committee"

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